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Becoming A Prayer Warrior

 By: By: Elizabeth Alves
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"Becoming a Prayer Warrior" provides a complete guide to the essentials of powerful prayer.

Breakthrough Faith
Get More and Have More!
 By: Bill Andrews

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Achieving the life less ordinary requires strength to breakthrough.  You need barrier breaking faith.
To help everyone from beginner to seasoned believers, "Breakthrough Faith" provides a complete guide to the essentials of powerful faith. From Pastor Bill Andrews, you receive a fresh look at the incredible benefits of faith.

GOD's Armor Bearer
 By: Terry Nance
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Serving God's Leaders with integrity

My Favorites

 By: GOD, the Father
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The Holy Scripture contains mysteries, treasures, and truth about the salvation plan created just for you!

The Power To Believe You Can
You Can Believe
 By: Bill Andrews
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Many people have word recognition, but no word definition. It is when you have the definition of what something means that you can obtain revelation.

The Threshing Floor
 By: Juanita Bynum
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Prayer is the only thing that no one religion can claim possession of or origination of. It is not a denominational or religious experience. Prayer is an individual experience that takes place between the Creator and those whom He has created.

What You Value, You Protect! ~ Apostle Andrews