We Teach
Principles for Living

Education, Weekly Meetings, and Benevolent Services: International Center for Torah Studies program (ICTS) - We help you reach your potential, improve your life and in turn, improve the world. We host in-person and online classes, at our STBM center. The ICTS program is a multi-level, multi-media curriculum facilitating college-style courses and exclusively online training.  This ICTS program uses the STBM Companion Workbook and award-winning Companion Textbook whose stunning full-color design appeals to every type of student, including those who learn best by seeing and listening - called audio/visual learners.

ICTS courses are specifically designed in graduated learning tracks. Students are required to complete the courses in order. Benevolent Services provided to our local community include tuition assitance, food and rent assitance. as an organization leverage digital platforms that specialize in learning and business experience. Public speaking, internet, television, radio, digital media, DVDs, CDs, and literature all play a part in the training effort.

Beyond the aspect of providing in-depth series of college-level courses through Ralph Messer of STBM in Denver Co, we seek to:

  • motivate people to reach their potential and extraordinary levels
  • empower, encourage, and strengthen individuals to be leaders and develop moral character 
  • promote healthy family relationships
  • foster community and economic growth
When we apply the practical instructions with wisdom, we can change everything and improve the world around us. 
Changing Your Status Changes Your Life. ~ Pastor Bill Andrews