Dr. Andrews

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Our vision and mission is to bring practicial application of how to live a maximized lifestyle. 

Harvest Beith Midrash is purposed to :

  • motivate people to reach their potential so that they will find themselves and their businesses operating at new, extraordinary levels
  • actively reach out to people in order to teach, encourage, and strengthen them to be leaders and to have moral character and attributes
  • train people to be integral and successful in business
  • promote and encourage healthy family life
  • foster community and economic growth

Equiping you to improve your life in the world through development and personal growth.
 Such moral and ethic instructions are often defined by:

on Apostle Bill Andrews, a loving husband, father, bible teacher, lifestyle coach, marriage builder, television producer & writer. Founder of Harvest in Chicago. Taking the kingdom culture of heaven back to the nations across every every generation according God's teaching and instruction.
Apostle Andrews holds academic degrees in Information technology, project management, business administration including a DBA with Cappella University here in the city of Chicago, Illinois.
Apostle Andrews surrendered his will to the LORD  in 1979. Led by the fruit of the Spiritto begin the ministry after having served three and a half years as an associate pastor in LaGrange, Illinois; and is especially appreciative to Pastor Rodney Dennis for having given him the opportunity. 
While he is a pastor at heart, Apostle Bill Andrews is gifted with a strong teaching call. He ministers the word of faith with a powerful prophetic and revelatory ability, bringing forth wisdom and understanding concerning their kingdom benefits and covenant rights with excellence.
Apostle Bill Andrews believes that one of the key messages that the Lord speaks through him and his wife a message of faith, family, and fellowship with God.   He offers a truth that challenges your thinking and will reshape your life.  It is simple because it is truth that promotes spiritual intimacy and wholeness in every area of life.  He believes that God desires above all that His children to prosper in every area of their lives and be in divine health, even as their soul prospers (3 John 1:2).
Apostle Bill Andrews resides in West Chicago, Illinois, with his wife, Darlene, and their have two children, Nikita and Latasha; two grandchildren Khamyla and Amaya. He loves his family and enjoys teaching about the benefits of having a prosperous marriage and leaving a legacy of faith for families and their posterity.

God has called you to transform nations and the hearts of others.  My assisgnment is to prepare you for that task.  I want you to know Yeshua, Jesus Christ, as I know Him.

Knowing Christ empowers ordinary people to do extraordinary things that are radical, real, and relevant to changing corporations, communities, families, and the world around us.  It is being revolutionary without being a rebel.  It is contagious without being infectious.  It is being empowering without being overpowering.  It is personal while at the same time touching both heaven and earth.  It is life-giving and life-satisying because it is being who you are.

All you must do now is connect and believe GOD by faith.  

When you join us, we put life-changing truth in your hands.

Your Pastor,
Bill Andrews, Apostle 

What You Value, You Protect! ~ Apostle Andrews