Our ICTS program was developed by Ralph Messer and his awesome team to motivate you to reach your full potential.  Throughout the program, we learn more about the bible in 3 1/2 than most ministers obtain through traditional seminary training programs.  These teachings offer insight into the mysteries once hidden but now reveal to all who dare to seek truth.  Courses start regularly.  Send your inquiry to contact@hwministry.org to learn more on cost and actual starting dates. 


Everyone believes in human potential.  Over the past three years, we've supported cross-cultural development through activities that benefit people at all levels. To ensure social accountability and responsibility to strategically advance cross-cultural acceptance and to focus on social wellness, demands courage to confront change as part of our human potential.  The success of any dream starts with partnerships, education, participation, social impartation, and those who freely give to others.  Will you help support the dreams of others? Give hope today.  Your donations are tax-deductible and support moral values we share as Americans. 


Focuses on raising awareness and providing specialized education targeting at-risk adult - Sponsorship  $8500 (Full Year)

This is a large endeavor that involves many different efforts to raise awareness about cross-cultural norms and the public accountability.   Include all materials and supplemental coursework for the student.  Classes focus on economic responsibilities and family values.  We know communities thrive when educated minds are afforded the opportunity to grow.  You can help the misguided get back on track by supporting the Exodus Encounter Program. Know that your gifts help us to fill the gap in the hardship of others lives. 

Educational Service Programs:

Focuses on sponsoring reading projects, paying heating bills, providing cooling stations, offering wellness programs, and sponsoring financial education.  

Localized events that assist youths and adult in developing independence, addressing self-esteem issues, assisting in the development of good communication skills, providing life-coach guidance to adults and youth in the community.


Changing Your Status Changes Your Life. ~ Pastor Bill Andrews