Our Teachers
Dr. Bill Andrews, Moreh and Head Faciltator

We bring you into a deeper and personal understanding of your potential.  
You are an extraordinary person with influence to  impact the nation across your generation.  

We invite you to learn with us in-person or online classes.  We leverage the ICTS program was developed by Rabbi Ralph Messer and his awesome team. 

Each level of the ICTS program is designed to guide you into discovery and  kindle your entrepreneur spirit to start businesses, return value in the business you beieve in, encourage goal setting and strengthen you to be leaders with moral and ethical character that promotes healthy living, foster community involvement, and economic growth through practical principles and instructions.

After completing the introduction course,  Torah Law or Grace, you will know why we do what we do.  Wish to learn about about us?  Email us at secretary@hwministry.org.

Until we meet face to face, be blessed. 

Changing Your Status Changes Your Life. ~ Pastor Bill Andrews