Request:  financial provision
Posted by wandera David
Status: Answered

Father, in the name of Jesus, which is above every name, we declare that we walk in the overflow of your abundance in wealth, and in riches.

You yourself have provided for us an inheritance as heirs for the fulfilling of your plan, your purpose, and your promise for our lives.

We decree that just as a seed is to a sower, so shall we abound in all sufficiency in all good things, which are acceptable to your will and good pleasure. For you said in your word, according to Deut 29-9, if we obey your covenant, we will prosper in everything we do!

We take no thought for ourselves, but submit ourselves to the obedience of your will, taking no heed for anything of this world. Not for what we shall eat, neither for the body, neither what we shall put on. For you said, in your infallible word, that you shall supply all of our needs according to your riches and glory that we may find unspeakable joy.

You said that you will gather together the wealth of the wicked for us and heap their riches into piles before us. Just as in the day of Moses, when you led the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt and into a large place. So now, we proclaim and establish the same thing this day.
We decree that we now have entering into our wealthy place as overcomers knowing that you will rebuke the devourer for your sakes.

By the authority of Jesus and His precious blood, we bind you, Satan, according to Ephesians’ 6:12 and break you power over our finances. Satan, every plan, plot, noose, snare and trap assigned against us, against our financial prosperity is exposed. Satan, you are powerless to stop our prosperity. We loose our finances from your hold and destroy your works and your assignment in Jesus name.

Your every trick stumbles in the wind. You fall into every pit dug for us. You are caught up in every snare and trap laid against us. You are hung by your neck in the noose built for us. You shall not destroy the fruits of our hand. In Jesus’ name and by His authority, we declare it done!

Bill Andrews

Please pray for me and my church we are in need of finances to buy public address,system,feed orphans ,bur motobike for the pastor

wandera David

What You Value, You Protect! ~ Apostle Andrews